Privacy Policy



We are committed to supporting your privacy.
Northpoint Eye Care recognises the importance of compliance with the Privacy Act 1998 (“the Act”) particularly with respect to personal information. For this reason, we have adopted a privacy policy consistent with the Act and the Australian Privacy Principles imposed by it.

The following privacy policy applies to all business conducted by us, be it through any of our offices or over our website. This policy covers all personal information collected by us in the conduct of our business.

We endeavour to protect all collected personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure.
Any queries relating to personal information held by us (including access requests) should be directed to:

By Post:
Northpoint Eye Care
Level 1, 12 Endeavour Boulevard
North Lakes QLD 4509
By Phone: 07 3385 0900
By Email:

Any complaints will be directed to the nominated Privacy Officer who will consider the complaint in a timely manner. The complainant will receive a response and an outline of action regarding their complaint in writing within a reasonable period of time.
A copy of this privacy policy will be available on our website at all times. The policy is available on request to any members of the public.



Data Collection

We only collect personal information that is necessary for the conduct of our business.
Information is collected through direct application or registration by the client and/or individual in writing or during the course of us providing services to our clients.
Without the provision of the requested information by the client and/or individual, we are unable to effectively complete the relevant business activities.
Any client and/or individual who does not wish their personal information to be provided to any particular organisation or type of organisations should notify us at the time of the collection of the personal information. However, this may affect our ability to provide goods and services.



Use and Disclosure

Our purpose for collecting personal information is to facilitate our business activities including provision of goods and services to our clients.
Other than as necessary to provide goods and services to our clients, we will not share personal information with third parties, except when asked to do so by law, regulation or government request.
We may contact you through emails and direct mail for purposes associated with our business.
We may also contact you by phone and text message.
We will not use personal information for the purposes of direct marketing communications, other than for reasonable communication to our clients including provision of newsletters and service offers we believe to be of interest to our clients.
At all times, an individual may make a request to be removed from communications through an email to the address provided above.



Data Quality

We will take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of personal information on collection from and provision by the individual and to keep that information up to date.
Should any updates to your personal information be required please contact and inform us, or update the details yourself using the Patient Portal.



Data Security

We employ systems and procedures to ensure the integrity and security of personal information held or accessed by us.
Personal information does not leave our internal systems unless required to affect the primary purpose of allowing us to provide goods and services to our client as requested, or unless consented to.
Personal information may leave our internal systems or be accessible by third parties for various purposes including cloud data storage or provision of support services. We employ increased security measures and seek to contract with only reputable, established suppliers and service providers in order to protect the privacy of personal information.
Despite the level of information security employed by us and our commitment to your privacy, we are unable to provide an absolute assurance that personal information will remain secure at all times. We therefore do not accept any responsibility for incidences of unauthorised access to personal information, which is provided at your own risk. Likewise, we do not guarantee the security or privacy compliance of any websites that are accessible through links provided on our website.
We will delete from our systems any of your personal information held by us on your request provided that sufficient proof of identity is established.




Our Privacy Policy is available on the website and provided on request to any members of the public.
Any queries regarding our position on privacy should be directed to us via e-mail as above.


Access and Correction

We will provide access to individuals to any of their personal information held by us for the purpose of review and correction subject to the limitations imposed by the Act.
Requests for access to personal information should be forwarded to us along with sufficient proof of identification.
We limit the use of government identifiers to the purposes required by legislation only.




Whenever it is lawful and practicable, we will respect a request for anonymity unless and until relevant business negotiations are entered into.


Sensitive Information

We do not require that you supply any sensitive information to us unless it is essential for the purpose of the conduct of business. This type of information will not be collected without your consent.


Variation of Privacy Policy

We may amend this policy from time to time.